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A majestic experience

If you have visited Patmos Greece at least once, you definitely agree that it is one of the most mystifying islands of the Aegean. Small in size, with imposing hills and charming coves Patmos breathes out a sense of tranquility that is hard to find anywhere else in the Aegean.

Make the island of the "Apocalypse" your forthcoming destination and immerse yourself in the elegance and refined simplicity of the luxury Patmos Greece hotel the_Petra providing high-end rooms and suites at the tiny settlement of Grikos. Want to know its cardinal asset? Well, its undoubtedly majestic panoramic vista to the big blue of the Aegean makes it stand out among other Patmos Greece hotels.

The_Petra, praised in international press reviews as one of the most hospitable and idyllic luxury Patmos hotels, provides accommodation in elegantly appointed deluxe rooms and comfortable suites with fine décor capturing the essence of the island. If you wish to thoroughly enjoy your stay in the leisure setting of Patmos Greece, select among the superior, honeymoon or Petra suites providing an abundance of lavish amenities, ample spaces and an artistic flair in decoration and furnishing, turning your stay into an exceptionally magestic experience.

The_Petra exceeds all leisure travelers' anticipations with a plethora of valuable services such as massage therapies and a number of enthralling flavors from our pool menu. No wonder why the_Petra is celebrated as one of the finest luxury Patmos Greece hotels.

Whether you wish to rediscover yourself in full peace and quiet in one of the luxury Patmos hotels or you are seeking a romantic retreat, look no further than Patmos Greece the_Petra and place it first on the favourites list of Patmos Greece hotels.

Make your reservation at the luxury Patmos Greece the_Petra and your summer vacation will never be the same!