Sustainability in Action

Consideration has always defined our ethos, and while our hotel size helps us stay small in our environmental footprint, we seize every opportunity to act local, think global, stand by our community, and give back to nature. We dipped our toes to get started, but soon enough our efforts grew, and we will continue to enrich our practices, always aiming for that extra mile to make our world a better place.

a city with a body of water in the background

Energy Efficiency

In our mission to become a more energy-efficient establishment, we have taken action by introducing the following:

Self-sufficient Solar Water Heaters
LED lights throughout the property
A-class Air-Conditioners
Frequent upgrades to energy-efficient mechanical equipment


Water Efficiency & Waste Management

Recognizing the extreme conditions of water scarcity in Patmos, we have taken steps to minimize our property's needs for non-drinking water by implementing our initiative of water collection during the winter season, to have water stored and cleansed for effective use during the summer months. With this method, we reduce our water supply needs by hundreds of cubic meters. Further, our property is connected onsite with premium quality tankers and machinery specialized in biological treatment of wastewater, which eventually becomes pure to be used for watering our plants (hence why we forbid throwing out paper in our property's drains). Finally, the sanitation of our swimming pool works with natural, chlorine-free salt-based solutions.

Moreover, we have established designated recycling stations in our property to promote the conscientious removal of our staff and guest daily waste. You can find our recycling stations right outside the lobby, by the swimming pool, and by the main entrance. In addition, we aim to avoid plastic waste by serving all of our beverage offerings in glass bottles, which are recycled after consumption.


Custodian of the Local Community

Our local community is an integral part of who we are, and while supplying our property in bulk from superstores might be a more economical option, we remain adamant in sourcing our products from local suppliers and producers, when possible. As an establishment that values its staff, we prepare meals for our employees, as well as our guests, throughout the day, and although bulk-buying would be the most cost-effective choice for our property, it does not stop us from our mission to facilitate the prosperity of the Patmos community.

Our philosophy follows a holistic approach, which can range from bathroom supplies to decorative elements, and from ingredients such as locally produced Patmian cheese to premium wines from the Dodecanese. Combined with our principle of preparing every single ingredient from scratch in our kitchen, whenever possible, including jam or phyllo dough for our pies, our dishes are filled with amazing Greek flavors that offer our guests the opportunity to indulge in a truly authentic, local gastronomic experience.

a rocky landscape with a body of water in the background