Travel to Patmos Travel Services
What is the_Petra's Ticket Handling Service?

Being aware of the challenging task of finding the most suitable way to travel to Patmos and securing your tickets, the_Petra is delighted to offer a ticket-handling service! Please find below the details of our ticket handling program, and the various ways that the_Petra can assist you.

Before outlining the process, it is important to mention that Patmos does not have an airport, and hence ferries, catamarans, or hydrofoils may be used to access the island. Additionally, a private helicopter charter is another alternative, albeit pricy.

How to use the_Petra's Ticket Handling Service.

The process begins by securing your reservation with the_Petra on your preferred dates. Immediately upon confirmation of your reservation, we will contact you by telephone to provide you with specific advice regarding the best means to travel to Patmos that are available at the current time, and adjust your reservation as needed based on our consultation.

If certain options that involve inter-island transfers are not announced at the time, we will mark your request and will contact you once the inter-island boat schedules have been announced in order to provide you with a final update on your travel plans. Similarly, we will adjust your reservation with the_Petra at that time if needed, at no additional cost as long as the reservation is adjusted at least 21 days prior to your arrival date.

Once the consultation phase is concluded, you have the option for us to arrange to issue your tickets and ship them to your home address. In addition to the cost of the tickets, the agency we work with charges a 35 Euro Service Fee regardless of the number of tickets issued, and also a Shipping and Handling fee of 45 Euros for a total cumulative fee of 80 Euros.

We hope you will find our ticket handling program helpful, and look forward to making your transit to Patmos stress-free!